4D Facial

This is a series of four synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity.
The purpose is to cause full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables.
A revolutionary non-ablative Er:YAG intraoral treatment for controlled and gentle “bulk-heating” to stimulate collagen contraction.
In addition to an immediate effect resulting in the shrinkage of collagen fibers, the initiation of new collagen generation occurs.
The effects result in an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity in the treated tissue as well as a reduction of the nasolabial folds from the inside.
A self-induced, fractional effect of the Nd:YAG laser and aspecific pulse structure that generates tiny regional spikes of high temperature.
This nonablative modality enables the treatment of specific, deeper imperfections to complement the effect of the intraoral treatment, as well as restore youthful texture.
Extended length of laser pulse with a brushing technique for completing the full-thickness bulk heating with an overall synergistic tightening effect.
A light cold peel that gives a pearl finish to the skin.
Some improvements are noticeable sooner but the overall improvement is 4-6 weeks after as you need time for the collagen to regenerate.