First Consultation

At your first consultation at Femplus we will offer :

  • Pelvic exam.
  • Tests for pelvic infections which can cause  problems with your tubes. Patients can be positive for some infections like Chlamydia without having any symptoms. Being tested now will also avoid problems in future if you need any invasive procedure.
  • Pelvic scan to assess your uterus and ovaries. It is important to know that the anatomy of these organs is normal.
  • Blood tests to check  your general health status, to see if you have any hormonal alterations and to see if you are ovulating.
  • Referral for a quick appointment for sperm analysis. The cost of  this particular investigation is not included in your first consultation fee.

First Consultation Cost- € 250

The fee is broken down as follows:

  • € 100 for consultation
  • € 100 for the ultrasound
  • € 50 for blood tests

If you have any investigations already done let us know because they might not need to be done again and that will reflect on the cost of your consultation.

If your tests are all normal we will inform you of the result and then it is up to you to decide what to do, with our advice. Depending on age and years of trying to conceive most patients just need reassurance and are happy to give themselve’s more time once they know that everything is normal.

What can you do in the meantime?

  • Your lifestyle has a deep influence on your fertility.
  • Lifestyle factors are something you can have complete control over.
  • Alcohol and smoking decrease your fertility.
  • If your body mass index is over 30 your chances of conception are decreased and if you get pregnant you are more at risk of miscarriage, foetal abnormalities & other serious obstetric complications.
  • Make sure you are taking folic acid.
  • It has also been shown that antioxidants in the diet can improve fertility.

If you would like to talk to Femplus call us today to make your appointment call: 01 821 0999 or