Donor Intrauterine Insemination

This treatment is offered for a number of reasons:

  • You are single and would like to start a family
  • You are in a same sex relationship
  • Your partner is infertile
The process is quite simple. We start with a consultation and some baseline fertility investigations to ensure that there are no evident reasons which will could make the treatment less likely to succeed. Once you are results are ready if we have not identified any problem you can start. The treatment can be done in a natural cycle (ie. just performing the insemination when your ovulation is more likely to occur) or in a cycle stimulated with fertility medications. Either way we will perform ultrasounds prior to insemination to identify the best time for the procedure. We do not have waiting lists for this treatment and all you have to do is pick your sperm donor from the licensed bank we recommend.  The sperm bank used for this procedure complies with European regulations and the samples are thoroughly screened. The price for one Donor Cycle is €500. This includes all the scans during the treatment, the insemination procedure, storage of the sperm sample for one year and a pregnancy scan if you are successful. What is not included:
  • first consultation (€200 scan and consultation)
  • pre treatment bloods and investigations (please bring any investigations you have done before if you have them as we do not duplicate on things already done)
Cancelled cycle refund €300 Storage of sperm after one year €200 (per year)

Fertility Donor Insemination FAQ's

Femplus Fertility Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.
No this is a separate cost and it depends on the donor you pick
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