At Femplus clinic we believe that when you feel ready you should have access to treatment without any frustrating delays

That is why we launched our RAPID ACCESS IUI SERVICE.

Rapid Access IUI Service

Femplus - Complete Women's Care, Dublin.

Intrauterine insemination is a fertility treatment during which the male sperm is prepared in a laboratory and then is placed in the uterus at the time of ovulation.

The preparation consists in washing and concentrating the sperm to remove dead and poor quality sperm and obtaining a highly purified sperm sample.

The procedure can be performed in a natural cycle or in combination with fertility drugs.

The timing of ovulation is assessed with ultrasound scans.

The sperm insertion procedure is quite comfortable(similar to a smear test).

Success rates are not as high as ivf but the cost are far less and the procedure is far less invasive.

There are some basic investigations necessary before treatment.

You can arrange the tests with us or if you already have done them somewhere else you can bring the results with you at the time of first consultation. You can also decide to arrange these tests with you gp bringing the below list to your doctor.

download investigation list


Female partner


-Day 21 blood test (progesterone, rubella, liver and renal function tests)

-pelvic ultrasound

Male partner

-sperm analysis

There is only one test that you have to do at our centre and that is a blood test for the male partner for blood born infections (HIV and Hepatitis). This test is a national legal requirement to have a sperm sample processed in the laboratory. It only needs to be done once at the beginning of treatment and we can take at first consultation if you both attend together.

After your first consultation you can start treatment immediately at the next menstrual cycle. Intrauterine insemination can be performed in a natural cycle or with the aid of medications. We will discuss both options with you at the time of your nurse consultation.

The female partner will need to attend for ultrasound scans usually a couple of times starting from around day 9-10 of your cycle. Once we have established the ovulation timing both partners will have to attend for the insemination procedure.

First consultation €50

Male infection screening blood test €100

Iui cycle without medications €500 (includes all scans)

Iui cycle with medical stimulation €700

Cycle cancellation before insemination €250

Investigations price list:

  • female day 2-5 blood test €50
  • female Day 21 blood test €50
  • female pelvic ultrasound €200
  • Male sperm analysis €120
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