Satellite Services

1st Consultation (includes a scan) €200

Endometrial Scratch €200 Aqua Scan (scan with contrast) €200

After that there are some options available to you per cycle
1. IVF stimulation cycle to include all prescriptions and scans €800
2. Egg donation or Frozen transfer (FET) to include all prescriptions and scans €500
3. Scan only without prescriptions €100 per scan


Blood Tests
These are only available to patients for the options above
We do not provide a phlebotomy service for patients outside of these options
1. EU Profile (HIV,Hep B & C + Syphilis) €120
2. AMH €100
3. Female Hormone Profile (Lh, Fsh, Prolactin, Oestrogen & Progesterone) €80
4. Progesterone €50
5. Oestrogen €50
6. TFT (FT4 & Tsh) €50
7. Blood Group €50
Please note that we only do bloods from this list.