Diet Plan

Weight loss in Menopause

Weight gain in the middle belly area and difficulties in losing weight is one of the most common problems in menopause.

You might have already discovered that all the methods that worked in the past do not work for you anymore and this is extremely frustrating.

Why is this happening?

The main reason why we develop this problem is that many women develop insulin resistance in menopause.

Insulin resistance is a metabolic state associated with hormonal changes.

Women with this issue would find weight loss hard and slow. They very often lose motivation as their progress is slow.

They also often experience lack of energy after a meal and feel slumps during the day.

Is there a solution?

Dramatically reducing your consumption of sugar will switch your metabolism to burning fat again.

The problem is that this approach can be hard to sustain and many women start but abandon it after a short time.

Why pick this programme?

If you have had weight issues for quite a while it is possible that you don’t have all the necessary information to succeed. You might have had weight loss and weight gain for a long time in yoyo fashion.

Our programme is not just a weight loss programme but a course to teach you what you need to do to keep weight off for good.

Our purpose is to get you in 12 weeks to learn all you need to know to lose weight now and continue doing so for the future.

Our Secret Ingredient

With time it gets really hard to stay off the carbs and you might start craving things.

How about if we could also give you:

Pasta for dinner or a toasted sandwich for lunch?

Maybe a croissant for breakfast?

Some pizza for dinner?

 One of the things available to you, if you want, is our range of low carb foods:

They include pasta, bread, pizza bases and croissant.

They can contain only 4g of carbs and will make your progress more manageable.

These food products are compatible with the plan but they are not included in the plan cost.

They are not essential as we give you all the information to work the plan with everyday food. However they are very helpful to give you a better chance to succeed.

Diet Plan FAQ's

Femplus Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

The plan costs €400 for 3 months.

For this amount you get:

  • complete instructions to follow the plan
  • email access to a diet advisor to answer any queries
  • a weekly podcast to give you more tips and help
  • recipe cook book
  • access to our diet Instagram account for ideas and more recipes
  • a monthly webinar directly with Dr Galimberti to discuss any problems

We will not lie to you. Nothing comes without work and commitment.

This plan is only suitable for you if you are:

  • prepared to follow instructions
  • prepared to measure and weigh your food
  • commit to plan your life around the plan

If all this sounds appealing and you are prepared to go back to a better version of you all you have to do is email us at and specify in the mail that you want to participate in the diet program and include a telephone number.

A new groups starts at the beginning of each month and you can find out when by checking our social media pages.

Ring us on 01 821 0999 to book your place with our team

Please note that once a payment is made, it will not be refundable.

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