Gynae Consultation this is a consultation with a Gynecologist €100
Gynae consultation including pelvic ultrasound €200
Review Consultation €50
Nurse Consultation €50
What is not included are swabs and blood tests Price available on request
Menopause Consultation €100 exc: bloods/swabs


Pregnancy scan €100
Gynae Pelvic scan only with GP letter €150
Scan to check if coil is in situ €100 (scan will only confirm if coil is in situ it is not a full pelvic scan)


Contraception 1st consultation €50
Repeat prescription €50 in house or €25 onlineHRT (not available online)€50
Depovera 1st consultation €50 (done day 1-5, lasts 12wks)
Repeat €50
Coil consultation €50/ €70 with swabs
Mirena/Copper coil out only €80
Mirena coil insertion including ultrasound check up €200
Mirena out & re-inserted €250
Complicated removal & re-insertion(that means that the strings are not visible) €350
Copper coil insertion including coil and ultrasound check up €220
Copper coil out & re-insertion €270
Complicated removal & re-insertion €370
Complicated coil removal(strings are not visible) €200
Implanon insertion €100
Implanon removal €150
Removal & re-insertion €150
Ring Pessary €120 to include ring
STD Screening ServiceSTD Screening Rapid €100   takes 3 weeks€300 takes 5 working days
STD review if required €50
Repeat Chlamydia €50
Vasectomy €400 (Not included sperm analysis €30 per sample)
Private Smear Tests referral from GP €100


1st Consultation €250 (inc. medical, scan. bloods
Consultation only €100 (must bring copy of scan)
satellite tracking and prescriptions per cycle €500
Hycosy €350
Antral Follicle Count Scan €100 each scan
satellite price list july2017
 * Harmony Prenatal Testing (done from week 10-15)Please see our brochure in services/early pregnancy section  €480