Follicular Tracking

What is Follicular Tracking?

If your investigations are all normal it can be useful to track your cycle to help you determine exactly when an egg is released. Every egg is developed within a fluid filled sac which is called a follicle. Follicles need to reach a certain size before the egg is released and this process can be monitored with ultrasounds.

The Process

Follicle tracking in Femplus fertility clinic will help identify if you are ovulating and exactly when the follicle releases the egg. The process involves a number of ultrasound scans to observe the follicle developing in the ovary.

It also tracks the development and thickness of the lining of the womb as the cycle progresses. You would normally require two or three ultrasounds per cycle and you will be able then to time intercourse appropriately. This process is useful if no abnormalities are found during previous investigations.

It is not a good idea to start follicular tracking if your investigations have not been completed.

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