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Femplus Women's Clinic provides an innovative approach to all aspects of women's health. 

Fertility Clinic in Dublin

Femplus Fertility Clinic

Whatever you have just started trying or already receiving treatment we offer you a practical and logic step by step help in diagnosing and treating fertility issues.

Femplus Fertility Clinic want you to achieve your goal of having a family.

Early Pregnancy Scan

An early pregnancy scan for peace of mind.

An ultrasound performed in the first trimester can give you a lot of reassurance while you wait for your first hospital appointment.

Fertility Clinic in Dublin
Gynaecological Clinic Dublin

Femplus Gynaecological Clinic

Whatever you are worried about, an infection, period issue or a specific gynaecological problem, Femplus have the expertise to help you.
A simple visit to our specialist gynaecological clinic can help to diagnose and treat a lot of common problems. In our clinic you can have a pelvic ultrasound at the same time as the consultation without having to be referred elsewhere.

Online Pill Prescription

If you already a patient of Femplus you can now order your contraception pill prescription online. Simply fill out your details on our online payment system and we will post it out to you for €25.00. If you would like to sign up for for this service please make an appointment for your consultation.

Vasectomy Clinic

A vasectomy is the most reliable form of contraception. It is a very simple procedure which can be done under local anaesthetic in 10-15 minutes.

Femplus Podcast Series

All Podcasts are available on the Femplus Soundcloud account

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