Free Cervical Screening

What is CervicalCheck?

CervicalCheck – The National Cervical Screening Programme is a Government-funded service that provides free smear tests to women aged 25 to 60.

You can contact Cervical Check on freephone 1800 45 45 55 to register.

What is cervical screening?

Cervical screening tests women for changes in the cells of the cervix (neck of the womb).

What is a smear test?

A smear test (sometimes called a pap test) is used for cervical screening. It is a simple procedure where a doctor or nurse (smeartaker) takes a sample of cells from the cervix (neck of the womb) to look for early changes. A smear test can identify cell changes before they become cancer cells. If these cells are not found and treated, they could become cancerous.

Who should have a smear test?

Every woman aged between 25 and 60 should have a regular smear test and continue to have regular smear tests after the menopause.   If you are aged over 60 years and have never had a smear test, please contact your local CervicalCheck registered smeartaker to discuss your cervical screening needs.

Why should I have this test?

Quite simply, having a regular smear test could save your life.

When is the best time to have a smear test?

The best time to attend for your smear test is mid-cycle – that is, 10 to 14 days after the first day of your period (if you are having periods).

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