Early Pregnancy Clinic

Attending our early pregnancy clinic can offer you support and reassurance in the early stages of pregnancy.

At Femplus we can offer you two very important services

  • Early pregnancy scan up to 15 weeks
  • First trimester testing for Chromosomal abnormalities (Harmony Test) testing done between week 10-15 please see brochure linked below
Fertility Clinic in Dublin

Femplus Early Pregnancy Clinic

Women's Health Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

An ultrasound performed in the first trimester can give you a lot of reassurance.

We can determine exactly how many weeks you are, if the heartbeat is present, where is the pregnancy located and see if you are expecting twins.

All these information can be very reassuring while you wait for your first hospital appointment and before you decide to share your good news with family and friends.

A new non invasive test is now available to assess the risk for chromosome conditions such as Down syndrome and includes an optional analysis of foetal sex and sex chromosome (X,Y) conditions.

This new revolutionary test has requires a simple blood test and has replaced more invasive procedure for prenatal testing.

We recommend waiting until after 7 weeks of pregnancy. This is calculated counting from the first day of your last period. 8 weeks is a great time to get more reassurance.
We are not a general practice clinic so routine antenatal care is not available here.
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