Endometrial Scratch

Recent studies have suggested that this procedure may improve implantation rates in patients who have had previous IVF failure.

While it is not completely clear which way the procedure improves implantation rates it is thought that causing some changes in the lining of the womb makes the lining more receptive.

How is it performed?

The procedure is very simple. A speculum is passed in the vagina (like a smear test) and then a small catheter is passed in the cervix.

The procedure usually takes a few minutes and you can leave the clinic immediately after.

Most women do not require pain relief or sedation but you might take a neurofen or paracetamol about an hour before the procedure.

It is recommended that the endometrial scratch is performed in the cycle before you start stimulation medication. Ideally the procedure should be done between days 19 and 25 of your menstrual cycle. We recommend that you call to book your appointment on day one of your cycle.

PROCEDURE COST €200 Please note we do not supply a report for this procedure

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