Fertility Clinic

Are you worried because it is taking you too long to conceive?

Femplus Fertility Clinic want you to achieve your goal of having a family. Having baseline investigations to ensure that everything is normal is quite easy and can be very reassuring. In order to get pregnant you need to have a functioning uterus, egg production in our ovaries and opened tubes to allow the egg and sperm to meet.

The chance of pregnancy following unprotected intercourse is approximately 20% per month. Following one year of trying to conceive, 85% of couples will have succeeded in getting pregnant and by the end of 2 years, this increases to 95%. It is estimated that up to 1 in 6 couples experience some degree of difficulty in conceiving either their first child or a subsequent child.

At Femplus Fertility Clinic Dublin we offer the following services:

Fertility Clinic - First Consultation - Womens Health - Femplus

First Consultation

Where you get an overall check out, including blood tests and a pelvic exam.


An ultrasound scan investigating the fallopian tubes.


Follicular Tracking

Follicular Tracking helps you timing intercourse at the appropriate time.

IVF Assistance

We offer assistance for couples having IVF treatment abroad.

If you would like to talk to Femplus call us today to make your appointment call: 01 821 0999