What do we treat with Laser?

Femplus Clinic offers laser treatment with the newest Fotona Technology. This Laser is used to treat common gynecological problems and to perform cosmetic procedures.

Procedures are walk in/walk out and do not require any hospitalization.
Treatment take about 30 minutes and you can return to your normal activities immediately after.

There are no incisions, bleeding complications and none of the complications commonly associated with surgical procedures.

The conditions that can be treated at Femplus using this new technology are:

Laser Clinic FAQ's

Femplus Laser Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.
Yes. Your first consultation is a full gynecological assessment to establish what your needs are. You will have a gynecological examination and in some cases an ultrasound as well. There could be other gynecological reasons for your problem.
All the laser treatments are done by a doctor.
Success rates are variable and will be discussed at your first consultation.
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