This a specialist clinic dedicated to women in menopause.

Many women identify menopause with a brief period of transition. In reality this a new stage that will continue until the end of your life.

The choices you make in the next 15 years will determine your quality of life in your older years.Our goal is to lead you through this transition and give you advice so that you can aim to be a strong and independent woman when you are older.
This will only happen if you plan how to take care of your health.

it is very important that you educate yourself on all the consequences of menopause.

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Menopause Clinic Dublin

Femplus Menopause Clinic

Dublin, Ireland.
Because we are here to dispel any myth on the subject and provide you with proper medical advice and information. Our menopausal clinics is run by doctors specialised in menopausal health. We have a structured plan for menopausal care which will include pelvic ultrasounds as part of our full gynaecological care and routine blood tests. We also offer laser vaginal treatment which is an innovative therapy for vaginal dryness in menopause. (

At your first menopause consultation we assess your health status, your menopause
symptoms and we make a plan for treatment.
We will give the information you require to make your personal menopause plan.

Please note that blood tests are NOT taken at your first visit as the diagnosis of menopause is based on clinical assessment and not on blood levels. This is in accordance to best practice guidelines issued by International and British Menopause Societies.

If you decide you want to start treatment we ask you to attend us twice a year.
You will have a full pelvic ultrasound and gynecological assessment once a year.
In between this appointments you will attend for a repeat prescription visit.


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