Emergency Contraception

There are two methods of emergency contraception:

Morning after pill

It can be taken up to 72 hours from the episode of unprotected sex.

Are there side effects?
  • Some women may feel sick after taking emergency contraception but vomiting is extremely rare. If you vomit within 3 hours of taking the tablet you should consult your doctor, as the dose may need to be repeated.
  • The tablet can also alter your menstrual cycle. You may have some irregular bleeding after taking emergency contraception. This is not harmful.
  • Your next period may arrive a little early or a little late. If your period is more than 10 days late, you should consult your doctor because of the risk that you might be pregnant. If emergency contraception fails and you find yourself pregnant, there is no proof that it causes any harm to the developing baby.

Insertion of an IUD

It can be inserted up to 5 days from the episode of unprotected sex. If you are too late for the morning after pill you can discuss the insertion of an IUD with us. It is the most reliable method of emergency contraception.


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No, unfortunately repeat pill prescriptions are available only if you have had a consultation with our clinic. This can be done in person or remotely.

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