First Consultation

Whether you’ve had investigations previously done or you’re starting from scratch the first fertility consultation is your starting point.

We will review what you have done already,  explain the fertility investigation process and make a plan for you.

For most people the journey stops here as they just need a bit of reassurance and we will be able to investigate if everything is working as it should be.

For other patients this might be the starting point towards getting some help to speed up the process or starting fertility treatment if needed.

Whatever plan we make you can dictate how far you want to go and at which speed you need to proceed.   Your first consultation will include a consultation with a Gynecologist, a chlamydia test and full pelvic ultrasound.   After this appointment you can arrange your blood tests if needed and sperm analysis.

Fertility Clinic in Dublin

First Consultation FAQ's

Femplus Fertility Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

First Consultation €200
General fertility bloods if needed €50
Sperm analysis €120

  • Your lifestyle has a deep influence on your fertility.
  • Lifestyle factors are something you can have complete control over.
  • Alcohol and smoking decrease your fertility.
  • If your body mass index is over 30 your chances of conception are decreased and if you get pregnant you are more at risk of miscarriage, foetal abnormalities & other serious obstetric complications.
  • Make sure you are taking folic acid.
  • It has also been shown that antioxidants in the diet can improve fertility.
The first consultation is just for the female partner. A sperm analysis for the male partner will be arranged afterwards.
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