IVF Abroad Assistance

Satellite Monitoring

Many couples decide to receive fertility treatment abroad for a variety of reasons. We have developed satellite services to help you organize what is required in this process.

You might need monitoring scans , prescriptions for your treatment and investigations.

We have the experience to help you with all these things in order to make your experience as stress free as possible.

The process starts with booking a phone consultation with one of our fertility specialist. The consultation is essential to take all your medical history, understand your treatment and ensure that we can help you and you are not wasting any time.

The price of this consultation is 50 euros. This is not refundable if for any reasons you are not proceeding with us for your satellite services or if you are deemed to be not medically fit.

To book this consultation ring the clinic at 01821099. The day of the consultation the doctor will require your current weight, height and a recent blood pressure measurement. This can be done at any pharmacy.

IVF Options

We have three options available depending on the type of treatment you are going to have abroad


  • prescription required for the cycle
  • two monitoring scans


  • prescriptions required for the cycle
  • one monitoring scan
  • any additional scans are charged individually  (€100)

This is right for you only if you don’t need any prescriptions or investigations.

Please note that if you are a new patient for us you still require to start with the initial phone consultation.

Available Investigations

Please note that investigations are available only to patients signing up for Options 1 & 2.

IVF Abroad Assistance FAQ's

Femplus Fertility Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.
Yes if you participate in the monitoring program. The first consultation is where you start for us to understand if we can help you.
Yes that is part of the service offered by the monitoring program
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