Forms of payment accepted

Full payment is to be made at the time of consultation. A €50 booking deposit is required for most appointments. We introduced a booking deposit to stop patients not turning up for appointments.

The deposit is taken at the time of making the appointment and we do not retain any of your credit card/debit card details.

Terms & Conditions

The deposit is refundable if we receive your cancellation 2 working days before your appointment date.

Attending the Clinic

  • We ask that you arrive on time. Please note that our clinic services are extremely busy and if you are late you may not be seen. This will also mean that you will lose your booking deposit.
  • Please note that you need to attend the clinic on your own (with the exception of pregnancy scans in which you can bring your partner). Children are not allowed in the clinic. If you have any special medical needs for which these conditions may be a problem, please give as a call and we will discuss a solution for you.

We accept cash and debit/credit card payments. We do not accept payment by cheque.

A receipt will be issued at the time of the consultation only. We do not supply duplicate of receipts after your appointment date.


Femplus - Complete Women's Care

Consultation with Gynecologist  €150

Consultation with doctor €100

Gynae consultation including pelvic ultrasound €250

Nurse Consultation €50

STD Screening Service(routine turnaround time 3 weeks) €100
STD review if required  €50
Repeat Chlamydia  €50

Swabs and blood tests are not included in the above prices

Contraception 1st Consultation €70

Repeat contraceptive pill prescription €70 in house or €25 online

Depovera 1st consultation €50

Repeat Depovera €50

Coil consultation €50/ €70 with swabs

Mirena/Copper coil out only €80

Mirena coil insertion including ultrasound check up €200

Mirena out & re-inserted €250

Complicated removal & re-insertion(that means that the strings are not visible) €350

Copper coil insertion including coil and ultrasound check up €250

Copper coil out & re-insertion €270

Complicated removal & re-insertion €370

Complicated coil removal(strings are not visible) €200

Emergency Copper Coil €350

Implanon insertion €100

Implanon removal €150

Removal & re-insertion €150

Vasectomy €400
(sperm analysis post surgery not included €30)

First Consultation €150
Annual review (includes a pelvic ultrasound) €200
Prescription review €70
Annual blood test €50

First Consultation (includes a scan) €200
Hycosi €350
Semen analysis €120
Fertility Bloods (per sample) €50

Pregnancy scan (Between 8-15 weeks) €100
Harmony Prenatal Testing scan & blood test (done from week 10-15) €480
Follicular tracking scan €100
Scan to check if coil is in situ (scan will only confirm if coil is in situ if it is not a full pelvic scan) €100

OBAGI Nuderm Blender €145
OBAGI Nuderm exfoderm €124
Tretinoin 0.025 €124
Tretinoin 0.05 €134
Tretinoin 0.1 €153


CLENZIDERM pore therapy €51
CLENZIDERM therapeutic lotion €99
CLENZIDERM foaming cleanser €51

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