Miscarriage Clinic

Having a miscarriage is always a very distressing experience for any couple who is trying to have a baby. Unfortunately is a very common event affecting 15 per cent of all pregnancies.

The distress is usually made worse by not understanding fully what happened and not being able to have a clear explanation on the cause.

While it is not always possible to give a clear explanation in all cases, it can be very reassuring for couples to undergo some investigations to exclude some of the causes of miscarriage

At your first consultation we will take a comprehensive medical history and make a plan with you of what investigations should be carried out. Different types of miscarriage require different investigations and that is why the plan for investigations need to be personalised.

The general plan for investigations would normally be:

  • A transvaginal ultrasound to asses uterine anatomy (included in first consultation)
  • Sometimes a more invasive ultrasound with contrast is indicated and you might have to return for this procedure (cost: €150)
  • Blood investigations are carried out at specific times of your cycle and we will compile a list as decided in your personal plan.
  • General bloods (cost €50 per sample and you need two generally)
  • Antibodies screening (cost: €350)
  • Semen analysis for your partner will be arranged at a specific date (cost: €150)
  • A treatment plan will then be decided if indicated after the results of your investigations is obtained

If you do become pregnant again we will be there to support you with our EARLY PREGNANCY CLINIC. While obviously more frequent ultrasounds DO not reduce the risk of miscarriage, we do find that patients have a better experience if they know what is happening sooner instead of discovering that the pregnancy has stopped many weeks after the event.

Miscarriage FAQ's

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We follow the most recent guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. We do not offer commercial tests that have no proven medical benefit. (NK cells is an example of those)
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