Coils for Young People

coils young people

Traditionally intrauterine devices (coils) were normally reserved for women who have had children. Nowadays, we have many more types of coils that are very suitable for young women. There are mainly two types of coils:

  1. Copper coils: They don’t contain any hormones and are very suitable for longterm contraception for women who have side effects from hormonal contraception. They come in different sizes so there are some suitable for women of younger age.
  2. Coils containing hormones: They also come in a smaller version suitable for women who have never had a pregnancy. They are particularly beneficial to women who have heavy periods or who would like to reduce the bleeding they have with periods.

All these types of contraception are now available under the free contraception scheme for women aged 17-25.

For more information on coils and insertion procedures visit our instagram guide labelled “coils”.

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