Egg donation is a form of IVF in which a younger person eggs are fertilised with your partner sperm to produce an embryo. The embryo is then implanted in your uterus and you will hopefully carry on with a normal pregnancy.

This process is used when patients are over a certain age and therefore do not have a sufficient number of viable eggs or when a patient is diagnosed with premature menopause.

It is usually carried out outside Ireland and many clinics like Femplus will have a special relationship with a clinic abroad to support you in this journey.

While the medical process is quite straightforward there are a lot of other things you need to consider. For example how do you feel about the fact that your child will not carry your genes and what are you going to tell your family. For these reasons if you are considering the process we would normally advise to get some counselling to explore all these issues.

If you want more information book in for a consultation to discuss the process.

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