When we explain fertility investigations to patients, we usually divide them in two levels:

-preliminary level

-secondary level

The preliminary level is when we ensure that there is egg production and that there is adequate sperm supply on the other side. We also include in the basic level the evaluation of the uterus and the ovaries which is done with a pelvic scan to make sure there is a functioning womb and two normal ovaries.

The secondary level is when we perform a special test to see if the tubes are functioning. This is a very important step in fertilisation because that is where the sperm and egg meet: in the tube.

If the tubes are not properly open, even with a normal supply of eggs and sperms the process of conception cannot happen. Sometimes patients can have a minor tubal problem which can be sorted just by doing the tubal investigations to check them. The simple process of flushing the tubes during the investigation can eliminate a minor blockage. For this reasons we do encourage patients to have their tubes checked sooner rather than later in the investigations process. The procedure with perform is called Hycosi and you can find more information on the website.




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