One of the most common questions we get during a vasectomy consultation is: when can I return to my normal sports or activities?

The answer to this is that it depends on what type of sport or activities you are involved in. The general rule is to avoid sports for a couple of weeks. Particular attention should be taken in avoiding contact sports because obviously if do get an injury in the area that was operated on, you could have more complications. Another sport that should be avoided for a few weeks is swimming. Swimming pools are not always completely bacteria free and if you could end up getting a bacterial infection. Other than that particular attention should be applied in sports that include heavy lifting, for example lifting weights in the gym as a groin strain can impair your recovery. For other sports especially jogging and running or non contact sport the general rules can be more flexible and your previous level of fitness should be taken into consideration. If you have no pain, no swelling or no complications, you can certainly return to jogging a week after surgery. What is extremely important is that you wear a proper scrotal support when you return to sport as excessive movement of the testicles may increase your level of pain. Like in everything you need to use common sense and make sure you listen to your body. Do not do any activity that causes you discomfort or pain while you are doing it.


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