Abortion Services Ireland – Your questions answered

Getting an abortion in Ireland can be a sensitive and emotional topic, and there are many questions and concerns that may arise. It’s important to have accurate and reliable information about the process, options, and resources available. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about getting an abortion in Ireland.


Is abortion legal in Ireland?

Yes, abortion is legal in Ireland under certain circumstances, such as when there is a risk to the life or health of the pregnant person, or in cases of fatal fetal abnormalities.


Where can I get an abortion in Ireland?

Abortion services are available in designated clinics. Many issues have been raised recently regarding the availability of abortion clinics in Ireland. Femplus is located in Dublin and is open and available for anyone to attend.


How much does an abortion cost in Ireland?

Abortion provision and care is free in our clinic if you live in the Republic of Ireland and have a valid PPS number. If you do not have a valid PPS number the service is still available but there is charge. If you have private health insurance this may cover costs.


How far along in my pregnancy can I have an abortion in Ireland?

Abortions can be performed in Ireland up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, or later in cases where there is a risk to the life or health of the pregnant person.


What is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is a medication used to induce an abortion in early pregnancy. It is available in Ireland through certain clinics and telemedicine providers.


Are there any risks or side effects associated with getting an abortion?

Like any medical procedure, abortions carry some risks and potential side effects, such as bleeding, cramping, and infection. However these risks can be minimized with proper medical care and monitoring.


What are the alternatives to abortion in Ireland?

There are alternatives to abortion in Ireland, such as adoption or parenting, and it’s important for individuals to consider all their options and make a decision that is right for them.


Can minors access abortion services in Ireland?

Yes, minors can access abortion services in Ireland with the consent of a parent or guardian. In certain cases where they are deemed mature enough to make their own medical decisions it may also be permitted.


Where can I find more information and support?

There are several organisations and resources available in Ireland for individuals seeking information and support related to abortion. These include  the National Women’s Council of Ireland, and the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.


In conclusion, getting an abortion in Ireland can be a complex and emotional decision, and it’s important to have accurate and reliable information and support. By understanding the options, eligibility criteria, and resources available, individuals can make an informed decision and access the care they need.


It is highly recommended to talk to a consultant ASAP if you are considering getting an abortion. This will help you make an informed and educated decision. To book an appointment you can call the Femplus clinic on (01) 8210 999. You can also check out our Abortion page for more information


Abortion Services Ireland

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