Copper Coil

Copper Coil IUD

Copper Coil IUD

Intrauterine devices or coils are very effective long-term methods of contraception.
The copper coil is a small T-shaped plastic frame with copper wire (coil).
It is inserted in the womb by a specially trained doctor.
It provides contraception by stopping the sperm from reaching the egg.
It is also the only device that can be used for emergency contraception and can be inserted up to five days from an episode of unprotected sex.
1️⃣ It is 99 per cent effective
2️⃣ It does not interrupt sex
3️⃣ It does not contain any hormones
4️⃣ It has a long duration (5 or 10 years depending on the type)

1️⃣ Some women will experience longer or more painful periods


All coils hormonal or not have the same risks:
1️⃣ A small risk of infections. A screening test for STI is recommended in younger women or if you are not in stable relationship. This will identify women at risk and allow treatment before the coil is inserted to reduce risks to future fertility.

2️⃣ Coils can be expelled. This is not dangerous but obviously the contraception cover will be lost. You should be advised to regularly check for coil threads in the vagina.
-coils can cause a small perforation in the uterus. This is a very rare complication and is the other reason for which checking threads is useful.

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