Fertility Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan can be carried out to check the woman’s ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes. Very often this investigation needs to be done transvaginally. During this procedure a small ultrasound probe is placed in the vagina. It will check the health of your ovaries and womb.

The scan can detect any anomalies in the uterine structure, like fibroids. It can also give information on ovulation and functionality of the ovaries and detect the presence of cysts that could be contributing to infertility.

A full bladder is necessary to get a good picture only if the scan is done abdominally. Therefore, you may be asked to drink 2 to 3 glasses of liquid an hour before the test. An empty bladder is required for a transvaginal scan. The procedure is easy and not painful. The doctor will make it as comfortable for you as possible. You will lie down on a table with your knees bent and your feet may be held up in stirrups. A special probe called a transducer will be placed in the vagina. The technician will be able to see the picture on a tv screen. The scan can be done even if you are menstruating.

This procedure can give a lot of information on the functionality of your uterus and ovaries. It can also detects anomalies that would constitute a serious obstacle to conceiving.


Author Rita Galimberti Femplus Clinic

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