Your First Fertility Consultation

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year or more through regular unprotected sex, it’s time to see your GP. A fertility consultation at this point is very important. Your doctor will be focused on what’s important – making the right diagnosis and recommending appropriate treatment.

A fertility problem could be because you’ve had surgery that may have affected your reproductive organs, or because you’ve had a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as chlamydia, that may have damaged your fertility. There are plenty of reasons that could contribute to infertility so a medical history should be taken to highlight any existing problems. This could also highlight any past problems that could be contributing to infertility. Blood tests and STD tests among others could show such problems. Simple tests such as a physical or weight exam could show complications too.

The male partner is not needed for the initial consultation but it is important to note that he should be checked too (sperm tests).

Some people think that the woman should be checked first, followed by the male but in actual fact the problem could lie within both parties. It could be the combination of two small problems either side that could be causing the infertility.

Author Rita Galimberti Femplus Clinic

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