When should you go to a fertility clinic?

Many women and couples wonder when should they have a fertility check or when should they attend a fertility clinic for an appointment. In the past the general rule was that the couple’s fertility should be investigated if the couple had been trying to conceive for one or two years. It is not like that anymore and we have a much more proactive approach to fertility investigations. This is particularly true if you are over 30 years of age.  There are a lot of simple problems that can easily be corrected by a specialist clinic. Not having an investigation means not having the problem diagnosed and delaying successful conception. Do not be afraid to be investigated as a lot of things can be corrected. Also do not think that attending for investigations means that you have to be involved in complicated fertility treatments. Most investigations are done to reassure you and your partner that your fertility is normal. Reassurance can have a very positive effect on your conception rate.

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