Menopause Symptoms

The list of symptoms that women can experience in perimenopause is very long. A lot of symptoms can overlap with other conditions and women with premenopausal symptoms can often be diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders.

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms and as many women say you don’t feel yourself any more, try to be very objective and write down a list over a few weeks of all the things you notice that are different. Common symptoms will include irritability, anxiety and generally mood disturbances. Tiredness and fatigue are also common. The more classical symptoms are the ones that all women recognise which include night sweats and hot flushes. Because there a lot of other conditions that present with similar symptoms it is very important to evaluate all your symptoms together in order to have a proper diagnosis. That is why a list of a symptoms’ diary can be very helpful for your clinician. It will also help you to see if there are other things going on in your life that can affect the way you feel.

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