Your Fertility and the Festivities

In our last post we explained how important it is to try at least to put aside any difficulties you might be experiencing with fertility and remember to enjoy Christmas. It’s worth remembering that there are probably lots of people who love you and want you to enjoy Christmas too. Like many women however, you’ll probably simply put on a brave face and pretend all is ok. Well that’s what happens when people feel they have no power over a situation. In an area as delicate as this, we truly understand that your fertility and indeed your desire to have a baby is something that can not be simply put aside. Of course not, we’re women – not robots. Here at FemPlus while we want to help you with your dreams, we also want to give you the support you need on more than just a physical level. On this we have enough experience to understand too that you would prefer to be proactive while enjoying Christmas, so below we have a few tips for dealing with your fertility and the festivities.

If you’ve just started out on the journey to resolve a fertility issue, or you’re a veteran of the game, one of the best things you can do for your body, particularly over Christmas when you have the time but maybe not the motivation, is to get out for a couple of brisk walks. This will allow you the opportunity for a little quiet time alone, giving you time to clear your head. It’s also a good idea because if you’re like most of us, you can walk off all the sausage rolls, turkey sandwiches and the seemingly endless supply of Roses and Celebrations.

Contrary to the last point, do have a tipping point! We all love to munch our way through delicious Christmas food, and so we should. The turkey visits once a year with his friend Cranberry and his visit should of course be a joyous occasion. We should also take delight in the opportunity to secret chocolates away to bed when you get the perfect run of Christmas movies, think Elf, A Christmas Carol and Home Alone. In fact, take a small party to bed, after all everything’s fine in moderation! Just remember to go back to point one the following day and walk it off. We want you fit and healthy by the time we see you after Christmas.

Finally, though it’s quite obvious, don’t over indulge in the wine or any other alcohol. There will be parties, there will be quiet nights and there can always be wine. For women, experts recommend 11 or fewer standard drinks per week with two alcohol-free days to maintain good health. They say too that 11 or fewer in a week has only the mild side effect of making a woman feel more relaxed and sociable. After that the next band of units is anything between 18 and 40 and it’s at this point people will become either depressed or stressed, may experience high blood pressure and insomnia among other problems.

Christmas is a very special time of year, and those around you wish nothing more to see you happy. With our suggestions, we hope you can enjoy it and come back from the celebrations with the knowledge that you have allowed yourself to relax a little and maybe even given you renewed vigour. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

Author Rita Galimberti Femplus Clinic

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