Enjoy Your Partner this Christmas

It may seem a long time since you decided to try for a baby. Having tried to conceive naturally but without that little blue line appearing, many of you would have booked a consultation at a fertility clinic. Success can sometimes be only a matter of tweaking something small, or indeed we may also investigate the matter thoroughly to understand exactly the root of the problem. While every patient is different, it’s helpful for you that we have dealt with almost every issue, and thus we can quickly see recurring experiences having taken into account your medical history.

This promise to guide and support you from beginning to end should also give you the peace of mind to relax somewhat. We recommend that our patients continue to be mindful of their relationships as we are fully aware of the strain that might be placed on a relationship throughout this process so taking all into account, we want you to enjoy your partner this Christmas.

Now at this time of the year it is a great opportunity to remember your life together. From the first three months when both of you quaked each time the phone bleeped, to your first anniversary celebration, the laughs you’ve shared together, those moments words can’t describe, the times you supported one another and the familiar smell of one another you miss when the other has an overnight.

While you take a well well deserved break from the tests, the consultations and the decision making, use the time wisely and strengthen your relationship even more this Christmas and as 2013 draws to a close.

Author Rita Galimberti Femplus Clinic

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