HyCoSy – All you need to know

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing difficulties conceiving. One of these, however, is quite common and very easily diagnosed. Having checked bloods and sperm count with both yourself and your partner the next step will involve checking for any blockages in the fallopian tubes. Blockages, again may be the result of various other factors, but the good news here is that the procedure is relatively painless and results are available immediately.

So, How is it Done?


Before the HyCoSy procedure begins, empty your bladder completely. Then, in the lithotomy position, a speculum will allow a catheter to be passed through the cervix into the uterus. A small balloon will be inflated to keep the catheter in place and the speculum will be removed. Using either a 3-D ultrasound or saline-infusion sonography, bright coloured bubbles on the screen will show whether or not there is any blockage in the fallopian tubes. Your doctor will be able to let you know there and then. If necessary, your doctor will be able to advise you of the next step to get pregnant.

Before the Procedure.

Despite the fact that the procedure is normally well tolerated it might help to take a pain killer a couple of hours before.
We also ask patients to pack a panty liner as small amounts of the solution may leak.


The procedure is usually painless, though some feel a slight discomfort similar to period pains. It is possible for you to drive home or go back to your workplace.

I Have a Blockage, What Next?

Having discussed the results with your doctor, often the next step will be in finding out firstly what is causing the blockage, and how to repair the problem, or indeed if more investigative procedures will be necessary. Should there be any damage or blockage, your doctor will advise you of the type of surgery available.

No Blockage, What Next?

You can rule out any health issues in this regard which is great news. Your doctor will discuss with you if it is now reasonable to give yourself more time to get pregnant or if you should proceed with assisted reproduction.

Author Rita Galimberti Femplus Clinic

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